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Careers and Guidance Curriculum

The intent of our Careers Programme at High Point Academy is to provide students with a stable and consistent careers education which seeks to maximise the life chances of all of our young people. It is crucial to prepare young people for life beyond school and college – students should leave school aware of themselves as individuals, aware of the opportunities available to them and able to make some decisions about their own life. They should be prepared for the transition from full time education to the world beyond.

We intend to raise aspirations through exposure to a wide range of education and employment opportunities, which are embedded throughout our school curriculum. Students will experience a range of encounters, tailored to their individual needs and circumstances, including community facilities, employers and potential Post-16 settings, ensuring equal opportunities and inclusion.

1. A stable careers programme
2.Learning from career and labour market information
3.Addressing the needs of each student
4.Linking curriculum learning to careers
5.Encounters with employers and employees
6.Experiences of workplaces
7.Encounters with further and higher education
8.Personal guidance

At High Point Academy we strive to provide an enriching, stimulating and sensitive careers programme that supports all students to experience positive transition, live as independently as possible and achieve their true potential in life. We aim to do this by consistently meeting the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

Alongside using the Gatsby benchmarks as a framework for our programme, we also have our own strategic objectives:

  1. To support pupils and their families in developing their understanding of transitions and future planning.

2. To prepare pupils for successful and positive transitions into life after High Point

3. To provide pupils with well-rounded and broad experiences of the ever-changing world of work.

4. To support pupils in the development of the interpersonal skills, qualities and attitudes that will be needed throughout life.

5. To foster a sense of ambition and determination to motivate pupils to live as independently as possible.

6. To support inclusion and promote equal opportunities by challenging stereotyping and encouraging diversity.


In addition to the careers curriculum outlined above

  • Subject leaders are required to outline areas of their curriculum which relate to careers and Preparing for Adulthood, these are detailed in subject curriculum overviews
  • Careers guidance is provided by Connexions in years 9, 10 and 11.
  • Travel training opportunities are provided in partnership with the local authority
  • Links with employers – Tilbury Douglas
    • Mock interviews
    • Visits to site
    • Project work in school
  • Work Experience opportunities are arranged and supported where possible

Please see our Careers Policy for more information

Our careers lead is Mr L Wilkes.

Email address:

Please contact the school reception if you wish to contact the careers lead