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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon the National curriculum, for all our learners. Our curriculum builds upon skills taught within the Primary sector and supports pupils to progress onto further education. At High Point our curriculum prepares pupils for life beyond High Point by promoting independence.

Our curriculum aims to:  

  • Offer a high-quality level of literacy and numeracy skills throughout all elements of the curriculum which encourages enquiring minds with the desire to learn more every day 
  • To promote independent pupils who are confident, willing to accept change and able to cooperate with others 
  • To develop imaginative and creative learners  
  • Pupils who are inclusive of our multi-cultural society who are tolerant and respect others’ values 
  • Pupils who are proud of their achievements and desire to celebrate success 
  • To show a love for learning 
  • A curriculum which enables pupils to excel in all areas of their learning and achieve the high possible outcome to equip them for the future 

Throughout the school year we offer ‘WOW’ days, which focus on key skills and cultural aspects of learning.  


For pupils on a Developing Steps Pathway, Literacy, Numeracy and communication will be embedded across their curriculum. Activities focused on developing the pupils’ communication skills are planned and differentiated/adapted as part of the wider curriculum, ensuring that each pupil has ample opportunity to develop their skills in Literacy in a way which is personalised and relevant for them as individuals. Pupils targets will be reflected as part of their EOP’s plan on a termly basis which will be linked to their EHCP specifically related to communication and Numeracy/ Literacy Targets. Developing Steps Pupils will access all aspects of the curriculum but will be adapted and differentiated to meet their needs to enhance their independence. Accredited courses which focus on the range of areas may be considered as a preferred accredited outcome at Key Stage Four.  


For pupils on the Connecting Steps Pathway, each pupil will have a communication need, and their learning priorities will be identified by their teachers and activities will  focus on the National Curriculum and accredited outcomes. Pupils targets will be reflected as part of their EOP’s plan on a termly basis which will be linked to their EHCP specifically related to communication and Numeracy/ Literacy Targets. They will have access discrete lessons in some subject areas and where appropriate will achieve specific qualifications such as entry level, functional skills and GCSE’s.  

We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, to be involved as far as possible in reviewing the way they learn and to reflect on how they learn, what helps them learn and what makes it difficult for them to learn. Self-review and peer review strategies are used, as well as planned plenary at the end of lessons to review the key learning objectives and to assess the level of understanding. 

 We offer opportunities for children to learn in different ways. These include:

  •  Group work 
  • Research and finding out 
  •  Paired work 
  •  Whole class work  
  • Investigating and problem solving 
  • Questioning 
  • Peer and Self-AssessmentRole Play 
  • Visits of educational interest 
  • Reflecting on what has been learned 

All school staff members work to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements.

For more information about the curriculum at High Point Academy, including our careers and guidance curriculum, please contact the Headteacher, Mrs Kulyk:

Subjects Taught

SubjectKS3 ConnectorsKS3 DevelopersKS4 ConnectorsKS4 Developers
EnglishxxGCSE and Entry Level availableEntry Levels
MathematicsxxGCSE and Entry Level availableEntry Levels
SciencexxGCSE and Entry Level availableEntry Levels
Computing, ICT and Mediax xBTEC Creative Media Production Level 1 and Level 2 qualification availableOpen Awards E-Safety
Expressive Artsxx (taught Through topic and HPA’s)Open Awards Entry Level Performing Arts
ArtxxWJEC Entry Level WJEC Entry Level
Physical Educationxxx PELSA Awardx PELSA Award
Humanitiesxx (taught through Topic)
Religious EducationxxThrough PSHE, assemblies and WOW Through PSHE, assemblies and WOW
Food TechnologyxxWJEC Entry level Open Award Entry Level Hospitality
Forest Schoolxx
Life Skillsx (Taught through HPA’s)xx Employability at College & PELSA x Employability at College & PELSA
Design and TechnologyxxWJEC Entry Level WJEC Entry Level
Careersx (through all subjects)x (through all subjects)xx
CollegeOne morning per weekx
Sex and Relationshipsxxxx
Modern Foreign Languages****
Work Experiencexx

*Modern Foreign Languages is offered as part of our ‘WOW’ Days

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Remote education provision

Please see our policy below for our remote learning offer.