Part of the Forward Education Trust

Multi-Agency Working

We work very closely with a range of visiting professionals at High Point Academy and as appropriate to individual needs, our children and families are supported through:

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) – is available to children who are assessed as needing it. Following a referral, Speech and Language Therapists will assess individual children and will write targets for them that are specific to their needs.  Communication aids are developed for those children who are non-verbal. A range of systems of communication such as Makaton and PECS are used and at every opportunity, children are encouraged to be as independent as possible with their communication.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy (OT) School OT offer is accessed through Midland OT. Following a referral, Hayley our Occupational Therapist will visit individuals and class groups and assess and advise on individual children’s needs and how best to support them at home and at school.